Stop by the Victory Grill during EAST to view artwork by the following artists.

Artists on site and exhibit open from 10am-6pm on Saturdays and Sundays, Nov 10&11 and 17&18,  as well as for the EAST opening night afterparty on Nov 10 from 7pm-midnight.  For more info about the afterparty, click here.

Inside the Victory Grill…

AJ Simon

My studio is in the Travis Heights neighborhood of Austin.  I moved to Austin almost five years ago from New York State. When I lived in New York City I was an art teacher for an alternative school, Vanguard High School, that graduated students by portfolio. Art was integrated into all subjects in the form of timelines for History, story maps for English, mandalas in Math, etc. After 15 years in New York City, I moved north to Woodstock, NY, in the Catskill Mountains. There I was a Children’s Librarian and I have been working in libraries ever since. I have a BS from Skidmore College and an MFA in Painting from Syracuse University.

I am a painter, printmaker, and assemblage artist. My paintings and prints come from observation and drawing of everyday things such as shoes, boats, and fish. These things are gradually transformed through sketches and drawings, into a personal vocabulary of abstract shapes and forms. I also use writing in my paintings and the cursive itself becomes an abstract form or decorative element.

My assemblage art is made with found objects which are glued to found surfaces such as kitchen cupboards or old door panels. I then paint and mark the surface with paint sticks, graphite, and cray-pas. The found object art assembles itself mysteriously and is more intuitive than my other work. I let the objects “speak” to me and tell me where to place them.

Maps are also very important in my work. Recently, I have begun working more and more with collaging actual maps and am creating story maps of different parts of my life.

Baron Wilson

Baron Rinehart Wilson is a descendant of sculptor William Henry Rinehart (1825 -1874). He began art lessons in drawing & watercolor at age11 with Midland artist Mary Griffth. His formal training is in fine art & architectural design from Midland College and Texas Tech University.

His extensive training in the architecture profession has refined his attention to detail in his artwork and has contributed to the realism in his drawings, paintings and renderings. Recent paintings are the evidence of combining drawing and draftsmanship, becoming the basis for his strong graphic compositions.

Baron produces artwork that utilizes a variety of mediums from graphite and colored pencil to watercolor, gouache, acrylic & oil paintings on paper and canvas. Subjects range from Texas regional landscapes, still life, abstract and Austin architectural landmarks.

Highlights of Baron’s career include a commemorative montage painting that is on permanent display in Dongying, the People’s Republic of China. He produced an architectural rendering which appears in the film “Office Space”. His artwork is exhibited in the corporate collections of Time Warner, Ernst & Young, LLP, Wild Basin Wilderness, Inc. and NationsBank. A large painting depicting the historic Driskill Hotel in Austin is part of the hotel’s permanent collection. Baron’s paintings also displayed in numerous private collections.

Baron and his wife Stephanie an IIDA member, moved to Austin in 1994. They have a daughter, Samantha.

And outside of the Victory Grill performing live graffiti art demonstrations…

Solomon Perry

Solomon Perry also known as Grimnasty, is a talented artist with many years of experience in custom work and hip hop, uniquely connecting with his fans musically, visually. and energetically. Expertise in the field of Hip Hop, Music Production, Graffiti, Animation, and many others facets.

Living everywhere from Nashville, Missouri, to Louisiana, to LA, and Texas, has given him a well rounded versatile influence, which is easy to pick up listening to any of his 10 cd releases. Later on the creative side, Grim with partner Eric Hicks created PHANTAZM Co. and produced “Drastic” the Movie, later to be picked up by Spike and Mike. The new current LP “Bigger, Blacker, Nastier…. Hairier” is getting rave reviews regionally.. Fans that see him live strongly agree that Grimnasty is personality on wheels.


Clifford Gillard

Alissa McCain

A Musical Tale

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