From Gospel 2 Hip-Hop

Urban Austin

Rap/Hip-Hop music can be traced to the origins in Gospel, Blues, Jazz and R&B. In Austin there are hundreds of Rap/Hip-Hop performers who strive to find an outlet to perfect their craft, most of these performers are young African Americans men in their twenties. They are predominantly under-employed and have little if any opportunity for their voices to be heard.

From Gospel 2 Hip-Hop, is a project with four integrated parts;

1. Training youths and young adults to produce television and radio and to learn the business and marketing of the music industry.

2. A holiday performance as a rehearsal for the main event.

3. A panel discussion that explores the musical threads that connect Gospel on an evolutionary path to Hip-Hop.

4. The culmination of the training in a month of musical showcases that will be stream live on the Web, and produce for broadcast on TV and radio.

Training and Workshop

Workshops will be conducted to teach youth and young adults the the business of marketing and promotions. The Business of Music is a seminar where participants will learn “How the Music Business Works”, “How to Legally Protect Yourself as a New Artist”, and “The Basic of a Record Deal”.

Marketing Yourself as a Musician will offer training in “How to Write a Bio, Resume, Press Release and a Short Business Plan”,  “How to Prepare a Digital Press Kit,” and “How to Distribute Promotional Materials and Market Yourself.”

Video Production Training includes a Basic Camera course. Student will be trained in terminology, shot composition, safety issues and learning via hands on experience. Students will also be trained in multi-camera production in a studio setting as well as remote field production.

This shared partnership of real world skills training will culminate in a month of spectacular music showcases that will provide the foundation for young, emerging and underexposed Austin musicians and their production crews to launch and further develop their careers.

Holiday Showcase

As a rehearsal for the main event in February, a holiday showcase will be presented at the Historic Victory Grill in December 2012. This showcase will be broadcast on public access television, community radio and live on the internet.


       Panel Discussion

Another Option Productions will host a panel discussion exploring the state of Austin Hip-Hop/Rap music . To best visually illustrate these musical transitions, visual works from visual artist depicting these tradition will be exhibited.

Another Option Productions, Capitol View Arts, The Texas Music Museum and the Carver Museum Arts Center will join forces from September 2012 thru June 2013 in presenting, Video/Audio Production and The Business Of Music Workshops, Visual Arts and musical showcases featuring Gospel, Blues, Jazz, R&B and Hip-Hop/Rap that will be stream on the Web and rebroadcast on community radio and public access television.

Cultural Impact

From Gospel to Hip-Hop is a commemoration of African American musical culture from its roots to the present day that blends the heritage of Gospel, Blues, Jazz, R&B and Hip-Hop/Rap. This celebratory event, bridges the divide between generations, communities and musical genres. In additions, the video production training and music business workshops will provide emerging musicians and their crews with tangible skills that will be applied to the broadcast and marketing of From Gospel to Hip-Hop and will continue to be applied to their everyday lives.

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